Strength Training

Strength Training for Self-Empowerment

September is always an exciting month for me– Lot’s of birthdays (including my own), it’s the anniversary of my arrival in NYC 26-years ago, and of course, it’s back to school time.

I’ve been out of school for decades, and I don’t have children, but somehow, September still feels like the time to dig into something new, recommit, and learn.

This year I made the commitment to teaching and to doing my part to encourage everyone to get stronger and fitter!

I have been a movement enthusiast all my life. (I walked at 7-months old. My poor mom!)

Strength training has been an anchor in my life since I followed my curiosity out of the yoga studio and into the gym 10-years ago. In that time, I have gone from super bendy mega-yogi to CrossFit competitor to gold medal-winning Olympic-style Weightlifter to strength coach.

I am proud of my physical achievements. More importantly, the commitment I’ve made to consistent training has changed the way I face adversity and deal with challenge.

By strengthening my body, and managing physical intensity, I’ve also gotten to know a new level of fierceness in my mind.

What’s important and worthwhile is totally clear, and the BS has been exiled.

As a twenty-year vet of the fitness industry, I’ve seen this transformation again and again in my clients and students.

When someone commits a robust strength-focused fitness program, self-doubt falls away, the body becomes an ally and the physical shit that bugs you becomes easier to deal with.

What’s truly important becomes clear, BS gets kicked to the curb, and the next impossible goal seems a lot more possible.

​ So how about you?

Are you ready to kick BS to the curb and take down the impossible?

Are you ready to make a robust fitness program–especially strength training–the center of your life? Not your whole life–but the center, the thing around which you build your schedule. Something sacred to be honored, not rescheduled, or ignored.

Are you ready to let go of “skinny” as a goal forever, and make the disciplined practice of strength training the most essential tool in your self-care your arsenal?

What do you think? Are you ready?

Are you also excited, scared, “hell no-ing” a blue streak, terrified but curious, willing but not sure where to start?

That’s all OK. I will teach you.

Return here every week for clear lessons about what strength training actually is and how to do it.

Get the foundations you need to build a program that serves your body, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Learn the science-y Whys behind the benefits of strength training throughout your life, and manage your mindset.

Your contributions are relevant. The world needs to hear your stories and feel your power & wisdom. Putting strength at the center of your life is the most radical self-empowerment tool I know to take your life by the lapels and start living out loud.

Show up for yourself, and the rest of the world will prick up their ears and take notice.

Still hearing the doubt gremlins creeping up behind you?

Pause for a moment. Note the specific objections that are coming up; all the fears, all the “yes, buts.” Then ask yourself, what’s on the other side of all these objections? What if Elizabeth is right? What if showing up for myself and my body is the answer?

What would life be like then?

OK, lace-up your Converse. It’s time to get to work.

See you next week. (We will jump right in with a lesson on squatting.)



The Body Nerd Podcast

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