Elizabeth Wipff is on a mission to Demystify Strength training for populations who want to get in the gym but just don’t know where to start. 

As a super Noodle herself, elizabeth is especially sensitive to the needs of Yogi’s and Yoga teachers.  It’s not always easy for a non-noodle to truly understand how scary (and important) weight training can be. 

As a Gen X women, Elizabeth sees strength and conditioning as the perfect way to deal with stress and anxiety, stave off aging, and gain confidence & power.  She loves working with her peers to help them realize their strength potential.

Elizabeth is also a movement and mobility specialist, CrossFit coach and Yoga Tune Up® teacher Trainer known for her keen eye and her ability to make complicated concepts simple and clear.   

Her athletic endeavors started early: she walked at 7 months, was roller skating at 3 and did her first yoga pose at 4! As a kid she played soccer and studied dance, Iyengar yoga, and therapeutic movement modalities. She is an internationally ranked masters Olympic Weightlifter. 

Elizabeth’s lifelong passion for movement; years of theater studies; enthusiasm for fostering healthy functional movement  in her clients; and knack for communicating  information concisely and convincingly make her a sought after teacher and coach.

Certifications and trainings  include: CrossFit Level 1, CF Gymnastics, CF Kettlebell, CF Coaches Prep, CF Olympic Lifting, CF Movement and Mobility,  USAW L1,  Yoga Tune Up® and multiple yoga teacher trainings.    

She has been coaching and teaching and nationally since 1999.

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