Strength Training for Yoga Teachers and Movement Educators

“I love my practice but I need to get stronger.”

“My body is starting to break down. What can I do?”

“I need to think about strength training.”

“How do I balance my flexibility with stability?”

Everywhere I go I hear these comments and questions from yoga and movement educators.

In 2009, after a decade of teaching and practicing yoga, I felt the same way. My very flexible, overstretched body was screaming at me to move differently.  I was nervous and didn’t know what to do or where to start. A friend had the answer “everything will be better if you just get stronger.”

So I got stronger and everything IS better. 

That’s why I created a course for mindful movers and curious seekers.

Because I have seen firsthand how truly life-changing strength training can be. 

Strength Training for Yoga Teachers & Movement Educators


October 15-November 19

2:00-3:15 PM

CrossFit Gantry, LIC Queens, NY


Limited to 10

Email to enroll

This education-focused program uses movements like the squat, deadlift, pull and push as a foundation and adapts them to the unique needs of each student.  There is an emphasis on scaling and on understanding progression & regression for each move. Exercises will be taught using a variety of tools–from dumbbells to kettlebells to medicine balls.


Students will leave with a strength training tool-kit that can be confidently implemented in any gym setting.

Radical, Sutra-loving yogi; Rebellious, edgy movement educator; Seasoned, wise practitioner–What do you say? 

Are you ready to get stronger?

Let’s do this!

Enroll Today.


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